Advanced Computer Skills

This 4 week course is the follow-up to Basic Computer Skills. It goes more deeply into the operation of Windows, file management, Managing Document Libraries, and more.

Graduates of this course should be able to use a personal computer productively at home.

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This course is four weeks long with one session per week.

  • Please Note: There are two special requirements for this course:

    First, practice is very important in learning how to use a computer. You must have a Windows computer to practice on between classroom sessions.

    Second, normally, Basic Computer Skills must be completed before taking this course. However, If you would like to take a quick test to see if you are up to speed with the class, you are more than welcome to do that.

We’re not saying you can not take this course unless you have taken Basic Computer Skills in the past. We just want to make sure you are comfortable using a mouse and keyboard and have the some basic skills to navigate through the system.

Advanced Computer Skills will teach you the following:

How to undo your mistakes   —   Downloading and Uploading Files   —   Free useful software suggestions   —   What is a PDF File?   —  How to Customize Your Desktop Background   —  How connect to a Wi-Fi Network   —   How to Set Up a New Printer   —   Disable Applications from Running   —   Installing and Uninstalling Software

COST:                    $600.00 for course  —  Up to 8 Students may enroll

4 Week Course w/1 class per week.  Students must have their own laptop before class begins.

Classes can be given at your place of business or a home.

(We can research the area and give students the best deals we find locally so that they may purchase a laptop that will work well for them.)